Corporate Information

Company name Airtech Corporation
President Mr. Fumio Yonezawa
HQ location: 3-30-13, Shinyoshida Higashi, Kohoku-ku,
Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 223-0058
Contact +81-45-593-8265
National Standard: ISO9001: 2015, CE
Foundation September, 1985
Sales Offices Tokyo and Osaka
Our History Since 1985, Airtech has led mainly the analytical equipment market in Japan by introducing gas generators such as the Dry Air and Nitrogen Generators.
Our products are renowned for their specifications and silent noise output during operation. These unique attributers of our products have proven their efficiency in LABs and have been embraced by our customers.
In addition, we have developed our products in cooperation with application manufactures to create the best solutions for our end users.
Key Products


As the “Flagship” unit of Airtech, the Dry Air Generator is a marvel of precision Japanese manufacturing. Maintaining the same consistency with all other Airtech products, the Dry Air Generator is Ultra-Quite, Compact and Mobile, making it the most viable solution for any work place.

Nitrogen Generator

Separation membrane method Nitrogen Gas Generator is one of our core products with the state of art empowered by Japanese technology. With simply connect the compressed air, up to 99.9% purity nitrogen gas can be obtained and selected according to the application in a wide variety, and can responding multiple analytical instruments.


At Airtech, we understand that generators cannot be standardized to meet the requirements of all of our customers. In order to provide the same Airtech experience to customers that require that extra specification or distinct design, we began manufacturing customized generators by request from our customers.

“Empowered by Japanese Technology”

We are proud that our products, Dry Air and Nitrogen Gas Generator, are appointed as standard utility for several analytical makers not only in Japan but also in other countries. We promise the best Solution for the laboratory with our products which are empowered by Japanese technologies.