Gas boosters

Gas boosters

Standard information

  • Gas boosters
  • The gas booster is our original gas pressure increasing device that is based on our proprietary equipment configuration and is compatible with various analyzers. The device does not use electricity and increases the pressure of the primary side only by means of fluid pressure without any changes to the fluid purity or other characteristics.

    • Easily boosts the primary pressure two-fold.
    • Nitrogen and compressed air can be increased up to 0.99 MPa.
    • Nitrogen (95% to 99.9%) can be easily obtained by supplying compressed air. (models AT-10NPB and AT-30NPB)
    • Our integrated system of manufacturing and service enables the nationwide support provided by our service personnel and assures that customers can use our products with confidence.
    Inlet conditions

    Pressure: 0.2 MPa or more
    Temperature: 25℃
    Dew point: −17°C or less (atmospheric pressure)


    Booster, N2 module, line filter, activated carbon filter, micro-alescer, mist filter, flow meter, pressure regulating valve, pressure gauge, stop valve.

    • The AT-100ABP and AT-100ABPN models do not have the N2 module and stop valve.

    Note: The maximum flow rate of the AT-30NPB model is 30 Nl/min.


Standard Specification
Model number Inlet fluid Outlet fluid Maximum pressure
Set pressure range
Flow rate
Unit dimension WDH
AT-100ABP Compressed air Compressed air 0.99 0.2~0.99 10~60 375×465×915
AT-100ABPN Nitrogen gas Nitrogen gas 0.99 0.2~0.99 10~60 375×465×915
AT-10NPB Compressed air Nitrogen gas 0.99 0.2~0.99 16 99 375×465×915
AT-30NPB Compressed air Nitrogen gas 0.99 0.2~0.99 30 99 375×465×915


The specifications on this page may change without notice.